REACH - Reaching to educate all children for heaven

The REACH (Reaching to Educate All Children for Heaven) initiative provides teachers with resources, training, and ongoing support.

Academic Courses

This section contains a non-exhaustive list of academic courses offered at various SDA Colleges and Universities throughout the division. Consult your local conference policy with regards to taking courses for credit.

Andrews University

Andrews University MS in
Special Education Course Plan – 43 credits

General Requirements – 15 Credits

EDFN500 – Phil. Foundations of Educ. & Psych. – 2CR

EDRM505 – Research Methods – 3CR

GDPC514 – Psychology of Learning – 3CR

GDPC614 – Human Development – 3CR

GDPC644 – Psychological Testing – 3CR

Core – 19 credits

GDPC540/SPED540 – Behavior & Emotional Problems of Children – 3CR

SPED525 – Psych & Educ of Exceptional Children – 3CR

SPED588– Graduate Student Teaching: SPED K-5 – 2CR

SPED588 – Graduate Student Teaching: SPED 6-12– 2CR

SPED618 – Legal & Ethical Issues in Schools – 3CR

SPED651 – Behavioral and Educational Assessment – 3CR

SPED672 – Psychoeducational Consultation – 3CR

Specialty – 9 credits

SPED554 – Supervisory Skills of Special Education Support Staff – 1CR

SPED610 – Instructional Design for Special Education – 3CR

SPED630 – Education of Students with Math and Writing Disabiliies – 3CR

SPED645 – Reading Assessment and Interventions – 3CR

GDPC649 – Crisis Intervention – 1CR


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