REACH - Reaching to educate all children for heaven

The REACH (Reaching to Educate All Children for Heaven) initiative provides teachers with resources, training, and ongoing support.

Academic Courses

This section contains a non-exhaustive list of academic courses offered at various SDA Colleges and Universities throughout the division. Consult your local conference policy with regards to taking courses for credit.

LaSierra University

LaSierra offers a master’s degree with a concentration in special education. However, this is not always available because there are not enough individuals interested to make it feasible to offer.

These courses could possibly be used for an endorsement:

All courses are not currently on-line, but can be.

EDCI 464/564 Special Education in the Regular Classroom

EDCI 565 Advanced Special Ed. in the Regular Classroom

EDPC 460/560 The Exceptional Child

EDPC 650 Mental Exceptionality

EDPC 662 Behavioral Assessment and Intervention

EDPC 663 Neuropsychological Assessment and Intervention

EDPC 664 Assessment of Individual Intelligence I

EDPC 667 Assessment of Learning Development

528 Exceptional Child/ C&I in Special Education EXSC

344 Special Education- on line

No listings found.